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Susan Greengold

The Hemlock Motel is my families motel. I grew up in the large building on the right side of the postcard. Our office was the left side of that building. Our house was a large 2 story farm house. I hope your mom was able to come stay with us. We had many friends who came back to stay with us year after year. The children also came back to stay with us when they were grown. The motel is now the Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway (Ober Gatlinburg).
Susan Greengold

Virginia Albrecht

Wow! Thanks, Susan. We always stayed in the Hemlock Motel whenever we went to Gatlinburg when I was growing up. My father chose it! He told me about hemlock the poison was not the same as a hemlock tree! I seem to remember a hemlock tree there . . . hence, the name?

Susan Greengold

There were hemlock trees in front of every cabin. It is great to hear from someone who stayed with us over the years. I had a great time growing up in Gatlinburg. I still live here even though it has gotten a lot busier. Hope you will come back again and bring your family. A really great place to stay is the Bearskin. It is close to where our motel was and it sits right on the river. Susie

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